Reckless Lifestyle of D’banj +How he Sold His Soul To Join Secret Cult -His Dressing, Necklace Are Key Signs Of The Cult

Posted on September 6, 2011 || By: Global News

At first it wasn’t clear to fans the real motive behind D’banj’s clamouring to be signed under Kanye West Good Music record label, until when the Donjazzy Enigma beat and D’Banj’s Oliver Twist single and video was posted. This attracted so many comments, both positive and negative, and was linked to the biggest urban occult group in the world music scene, THE ILLUMINATI.

 Nigerian megastar entertainer, Dapo Oyebanjo popularly known as D’Banj, and other members of Mo’Hits record label led by ace producer, Don Jazzy, are confirmed members of the urban-secret cult, THE ILLUMINATI.

Certain proof was offered by artists of the record label themselves, causing Nigerians to comment negatively on the new video which was kind of different and funny but has a hidden meaning. The proof in query is a video clip produced by the record label in which D’Banj, Don Jazzy, Doctor Sid, Wande Coal and an unidentified man dance like gay men to D’Banj’s new single, Oliver Twist.

An expert and leading name on everything Illuminati, Doctor Zen Solonso, analyzed the video and exposed all of the concealed Illuminati symbols in it and according to him, one of the largest objectives of the Illuminati is to turn everybody to gay. This is the reason their known members like Kanye West and the rest are gay. It might be remembered that D’Banj and Don Jazzy have just signed on to Kanye West’s record label.

In the group’s Oliver Twist video, they don’t only dance like gay, they also invite people to record their own Oliver videos and post it to them at And they further lured folk with thousands of bucks that’ll be paid for the best video. Donjazzy’s Enigma beat, which sounds like the beat of an occult group, was also given out for upcoming artistes to flow on and the best will smile home with $2,000.

Already there is a large number of videos on social internet video site Youtube showing younger people, both male and female, dancing seductively to the Oliver Twist song.

Doctor Solonso indicated that in the group’s video, Don Jazzy is wearing what seem to be checkered trousers. “This swapping pattern of white and black squares is the Illuminati’s mind control method,” he claimed. Indeed, according to the expert, the song’s familiar tune and highly danceable sound is down to Don Jazzy’s pants.

The occult research expert also indicated that at some specific point in the video the unidentified man walks across the camera, holding a red bag and what appears to be a horn. Eventually, the expert turned the spotlight on the sound speakers and other electronic apparatus organized to spell the word ILLUMINATI behind the artists as they dance seductively around. This, according to him, is the most powerful proof the song and the video, and the invitation to their fans to do their own Oliver Twist videos are nothing other than an Illuminati plot to turn Nigerians into gay.

On the other hand, its has been observed that D’banj has been wearing a set of triangular pendants since he returned from his trip before he joined the presidential campaign train of Goodluck Jonathan earlier this year, which is very similar to the Illuminati symbol, as it is an open secret that the Pyramid which some cult see as the All Seeing Eye has always being a symbol of the Illuminati group and Kanye West always has some elements of the triangle as part of his identity/dressing.

Kanye West is one of today’s most popular and controversial performers. Often heralded as an innovative force in the music industry, some of his choices both in video and song have raised eyebrows.

For some time some researchers have been conducting researches into the activities of the cult analyzing the videos of the two popular American artistes, Kanye West and Jay Z, and their analysis raises some questions that we will repeat for your consumption and consideration.

One video starts with Kanye West glowing as if the light is within him in the dark, and this can only mean he’s a member of Illuminati. He was also standing between two poles, that usually means the present and the past or the present and the future, according to the teachings of old religion. Whichever way it is viewed it represents “wisdom” in Masonic symbolism.

The next thing the researchers talked about is the big chain with Horus’ head as a pendant. Horus is an ancient Egyptian deity that has an extreme importance in occult mysteries. Horus is considered to be the Sky god; he is more often represented with the symbol of a single eye. The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power from deities, in this case from Horus or Ra.

“Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, was called “Horus who rules with two eyes.” His right eye was white, representing the sun, while his left eye was black, representing the moon. According to Egyptian legend Horus lost his left eye during a fight with his murderous uncle, Seth, to revenge his father’s death. Seth tore out his nephew’s eye but lost the fight because the assembly of the gods declared Horus the victor. The eye was reassembled by the magic of Thoth. Then Horus gave the eye to Osiris, who experienced rebirth in the underworld.” – Jordan Michael, Encyclopedia of Gods.

So Kanye stands at the gateway between the corrupt world of the profane and the exclusive world of the illuminated, wearing a Horus pendant, an unmistakable symbol of the Mysteries. One might say: “Well, maybe Kanye just likes Egyptian things.” Maybe so, but in the context of this video, where all details are important and extremely meaningful, Horus becomes another piece of this symbolic puzzle

The Illuminati was actually founded years ago and today, points to an organization that many believe controls this country and its corporations (this includes the media, government, buildings, etc.). It also refers to the idea of the establishment “New World Order”, a phrase you might have heard various presidents say during speeches. Furthermore, this idea also stretches to Freemasonry and people who are claimed to be a part of the Illuminati include David Rockefeller, the Bush family, Winston Churchill​, Barack Obama​, etc. The most recognized sign of the Illuminati is the All-Seeing Eye. Not sure what this is? Take a dollar bill and turn it around and you will see Eye of Horus, the All-Seeing Eye. (You will also see the phrase for New World Order. Also, when a star is drawn to separate the eye from the rest of the pyramid, the stars points land on five letters which spell “mason”). This is as much as I will comment on this part as I could write several pages on it. Feel free to research more.

Over the years, many have pointed out that Jay-Z’s “Rocafella” sign is similar to that of the All-Seeing Eye. (Also note that Rocafella sounds a whole lot like Rockefeller). Also, his clothing line “Rocawear” has images of the Eye of Horus on them. This has led many to believe that he is in fact a part of this group. Over time, the rumors have gone a step further by suggesting that he in fact worships Satan. As proof, many point to his lyrics such as the one in “ Empire State of Mind” that states, “Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends”.

Taking into consideration the latest relationship between D Banj and Kanye West, the Oliver Twist song and video, the All Seeing Eye pendant, his bisexual nature as he was once sighted in a place where known Nigerian gays patronize, and many other things that are pointing to the fact that this son of a retired soldier turned pastor might be dabbling into the world of occult for fame and money are becoming enormous everyday.

We will patiently wait and see where he will be going from there.

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  1. Tola Ijaiya says:

    Are u sure of what ur saying here?????????????????

  2. man of truth says:

    Oh D Banj, u are totally lost, is it bc of wealth. Now that u have sold out ur soul, who is going to rescue u.

    • mi says:

      when did you start linking up with illuminati specialist? if Dbanj wants to turn nigerians to gay, then dats wat he wants, if you want to be turned to gay that is what you want,,…. there are two parts in this world, the part of good and that of evil, which ever you follow is your choice and your doing. my believe is that no one can influence your decisions when it comes to your life, you accept not becos you are meant to, but becos you want to.

      • noneed says:

        @mi I strongly believe u r part of D banj’s reckless life, or he paid u to deffend him

      • sweets says:

        u r quite insensitive,do u know the number of innocent young minds(children) that regard DBanj as a mentor. Such songs or videos like this could have an adverse effect on them.

      • sheyi says:

        i Luv ur comment ” no homo” thats is what hav been tryna xplain but i cudnt put it in words,,,,,,,,,,thank you thank thank

      • Ismail says:

        Nowadays you dont have to choose unless you dont want to be rich, moreover if you are listening to music especially foreghn music and films you are 10% with them (Illuminati) cos they are hipnotizing you through the music and films

      • alvin says:

        d end is near…..believe what u will but 1 tin is 4 sure ILLUMINATI IS EVIL.we re all in desperate times but desperation shouldn’t lead you d wrong way……it’s hard 2 say ”no” 2 money and fame.i know.but every thing in life has it’s own time………BEWARE!! IT’S HERE@ anti-christ…..e no go tell u say na devil im be so shine ur eyez ooooooo

    • P.O.G says:

      You people can use your mouth to chat nonsense what do u people even know about Iluminati,Judge not for ye shall not be judge,Una go just open mouth dey talk nonsense are u people God?Why criticisin d poor dbanj and don jazzy u pple dont appreaciate anytin gud black people wit black mind no wonder ur generation can never go far in life,mak una self go join cult maybe una go get fame and wealth stupid poor people.

      • Dabsam says:

        How can you be so insensitive, did’nt you read your bible? Or maybe you should check the name of the group agine, (church of satan) thats the meaning. We all knw where satan is going to end up(just like the bible had said) i think you should watch what you post next time, and also choose maybe Jesuse is the one to follow or satan

      • Lord says:

        is as if u are a mad dog which can’t even stay 2 think 4 a minute .insted of givin advis 2 ur nation u are there tryin 2 push more pple in it.may d almity God 4giv u

    • GODwill says:

      Well brother notin is imposible before God, so If he can only repent & ask God for 4givenes he wil be save from this wicked hand. Tanks

  3. becks says:


  4. wikileaks says:

    The black man is in deep problems. We lay too much emphasis on development of arts and culture to the detriment of science and technology.

    The youth in Africa are a wasted generation. While youths in other parts of the world are busy with scientific and technological inventions, youth in Africa are busy with reality shows like big brother, naija sings, nigerian idol, maltina dance, ultimate search, MBGN etc. No wonder there is always mass failure in WAEC/NECO every year. While corporate organizations in America are busy giving donations to universities for scientific and technological research and development, corporate organizations in Nigeria are busy breeding a wasted generation of nigerian youths through so called reality shows

    • emeka says:

      too correct you are

    • hisent says:

      @wikileaks you just dont say what u dont no about ok have u been to american or england before and come and see how there youth is wasting all because of western life style.

      Nigger youth still attend school and struggle to finish at list university here in england they dont go to school any more even wth the free education they have.

      say what u know pls.

    • Socrates says:

      A friend of mine says they are dancing their lives away, when others in Europe and other parts of the world are busy inventing technologies to better their environment/future.

    • beauty says:

      you have spoken well and may God bless you

    • Grace says:

      My dear, u hav a point. They ar not helpin mattas at all. They makin things worst with all this nonsense they call reality show.

    • Obeto says:

      @Wiki….A lot of sense you made there. I wonder why people cannot see the reality that befalls humanity. The minds of Africa youth have been so distracted with the so-called reality shows, no-agenda music and dances. These distractions are to lure their minds away from the truth, which is “JESUS IS COMING SOON”. The insensitivity of this reality is at the peak. The distraction is so much that it has also affected the natural system of living, which has invariable swept morality under the carpet. The Government doesn’t care and churches are busy amassing wealth, and the truth is gradually decaying. A 20-year old that is supposed to be busy within the four walls of an academic institution is locked in a house for 3 months, exposed to premature wild life and ostentatious living in the name of a so-called reality show that will end up with one person as a winner, leaving the rest psychologically demoralized. What a senseless generation. You don’t jump into wealth and expect to sustain it without getting your hands dirty. When you work your way to the top, you can always re-trace your steps if need be. D’Banj, if truly you have sold your soul to illuminati, NEWS SPLASH “There is no help or hope there “. Jesus still remains the author and finisher of our faith. He can save you whenever you call on him. He said, WHOSOEVER, shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved; including illuminati. Shalom!

  5. pumping says:

    this magazine makes me sick, you people are so stupid, dumb and jobless, better do your research properly before making such stupid allegations, all in the bid to sell your trashy paper.

    • Fortune says:

      Dbang is an unwise fool, i hate him and don-jazzy

    • marie says:

      u ar so wasted or y d personal vendenta? If u ar not jobless y read dis publication? I’m sure u ar one of them & ur evil deeds shall find u out. M.jackson, 2 pac,etc wr part of d pack bt bc they wanted out they wr killed. U want me 2 expose u hen? D’banj my bro ride on,sure u need more excitment 2 sustain ur agony in HELL! Good riddiance 2 bad rubbish.mcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  6. man of truth says:

    U satanic agents u think u can hide & fool everyone. Ur evil deeds must b exposed to everyone. U don’t care how it comes all u want is wealth. Can’t u see how warped & perverted u are. Beautiful woman everywhere
    But u chose to poke mens anus, imbecile homosexuals. Those demons using u will drag u to ur graves. Fools, monkeys

  7. jay says:

    Is a pity D’bang is offering his soul in exchange for popularity,though is not too late to repent by renouncing his membership if the story is any thing to go by

  8. steve says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is not new,y are we surprised at dis my bro and sis dis are all signs of the end time let beta go back to jesus and forget dis illuuminati pple

  9. myke says:

    his a pity that D’bang is offering his soul in exchange of wealth

  10. Michael says:

    Common guys do not be silly. The ILLUMINATI I know will never have anything to do with D-Banj and his cronies. The Illuminati is a very intellectual group of esoteric order of international and ancient repute – not some mickey mouse secret cult of upstarters. These are guys who are into science, finance and deep religious mystery. D-Banj can never ever be accepted as a member so please allow him be. He is innocent

    • Nigerian says:

      Truly, you dont know what u are saying. i pity yr future. D’Banj ride on but it will be profitable for you to repent now.

      • Intel says:

        I’m glad someone like michael commented on this story. i wasnt gonna commentbecuase of the depth of ignorance of the writer. A weak attempt to cook a conspiracy theory out of a pure business. Its interesting people are already falling for it. Perhaps they just heard of ILLUMINATI.
        Its not for small boys. Even Jonathan can sail through.

    • OFEME4SURE says:

      @ Micheal, please shut your mout as you do not know anything about the ILLUMINATI. If you thinl the ILLUMINATI will not accept membership of the likes of D’Bang, what do you think is going on with BIG BROTHER AFRICA??? These guys have declared a “catch them young” war on the youths of Africa and the best place to get them is the entertainment world and I bet you,D’Bang is everything any occultic world will want to have as his fame is one of their their greatest ingredients of self sustainance and deceit.

    • B.M.A says:

      U need 2 hv ur head checked if u say D’banj or any of d mo’hits guyz ar or luk innocent.

  11. Nubary Gbarade says:

    You guys are only being paranoid and not truthful; and your reports are not totally accurate. First of all, there is no secret cult called “Illuminati”. A simple search and serious analysis on the Internet can reveal that all you have been hearing about the Illuminati are conspiracy theories.What Jay Z has been rumoured to belong to is the Freemasons. Freemasonry is not the same as the Illuminati. Most of the facts you have stated (such as the numerous symbols on the dollar) are already common knowledge for many years now, some of which were lifted word-for-word from Dan Brown’s 2009 novel, ‘The Lost Symbol’ in which he wrote extensively (although in a very biased way ) on Freemasonry. I hope DBanj does not sue you for this libelous and unfounded publication

    • Intel says:

      I agree with you in all except where you debunked the existence of Illuminati and not being a cult. Of course it is. If you truly read DAN BROWN’S books, then you should recall he emphasized on Illuminati in ANGELS & DEMONS more than any of his other books.
      However, the story sucks.

    • BUSYBEE says:




    • xangel says:

      i beg to disagree, illuminati was almost destroyed by the Church (catholic) only some escaped, went underground , regrouped/resurfaced and blended with other groups such as the famous free masons. If in doubt, check out the dollar bill and find out when dat symbol (eye and pyramid} was introduced and who the vice president was then. Ask yourself this, Is there any pyramid in the US then what’s d significance of the images?. I don’t know about recently but I wouldn’t call the Illuminati a cult group. Just a faction which believed in science fighting against the church which believed more in Religion. Galileo was believed to be Illuminati though a devout catholic. Made the mistake of too intelligent for his time. He made the mistake of declaring that earth was round instead of flat as taught by the church. needless to tell u what he went through for that declaration yet u and i are more knowledgeable today by his teaching (pysics). I’m not defending illuminati as they can defend themselves should they choose to do so. I’m just saying we should take a closer look into things before concluding. Illuminati or not, we still have evil things happening in this country.

  12. Wise Talk says:

    You can’t just dismiss this article with a wave of the hand. They say “show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are”. If what this article says about the involvement of D’Banj with Kanye West and Jay-Z is true, then there may likely be some truths in this.
    Secondly, it is true that illuminati is ancient and have world leaders and reknown scentists as members, however, that has not changed their goal of influencing the world in a certain way. The best way they achieve this is by targeting people who can be used to exert this influence, irrespective of color or race. Does D’banj fit in? Yes. How? Music is a very powerfull tool to capture the mind.Young D’Banj definetly have a lot of influence on youths, not only in Nigeria but across the whole of Africa, and in the world in General. Could he have been accepted by Illuminati? Yes, in vierw of the above. Do we have things or tokens in his life/lifesyle that point towards this? Yes – his association, dressing, music etc. These have been pointed out in the article. I THINK IT IS TRUE.

  13. odwonders says:

    u ppl shuold mind ur business and stop critisizing pple u want 2 b like them,but u can b u saying against them, first is pastor chris second adeboye’s son now d’banj UNA NO GET WORK TO DO?……………what do u pple ve say abt the insecurity in the country

  14. lojo says:

    How on earth is d Oliver twist video a gay video… Does the mohit group have a female member or are they supposed to go hire Genevieve just cos they don’t want you insinuating they r gay… Abegi get ur facts straight. Dbanj is one of Nigeria’s greatest sex icon and he has never denied his affinity for the ladies… Person wey don warn guy for stage for tryn to form dance with him……. Leave all that illuminati gist its just a propaganda to increase albulm sale. No truth in occult involvement.

  15. kayode says:


  16. Makaveli says:

    seriously, i think dis is d worse trash i ve read all year. WTF, All in a bid 2 sell ur mag, u come up wit allegations capable of tarnishing pple’s hard earned rep? men, dis is bullshit, makes me sick 2 ma stomach.

  17. kc justice lodge says:

    nubary is right u guy are jobless

  18. Toluwase says:

    Freemason is what this writer is trying to portray and ILLUMINATI is d highest order in freemasonsy. D’banj can only be a mason but Illuminati, hell no. Cos it’s for few that rules america and d world . They are technocrats. I’m sure D’banj can’t be mo dan 3rd degree mason at most

  19. bola says:

    am not sure of this story

  20. tolu taylor says:

    no mind them jo no mind them jera…live ur life any how u like as for me av choose to follow christ

  21. Jack says:

    A fool behaves like a fool and a wise behaves a wise. God has set hell which is burning with unquenchable fire and brimstone for anybody who is not covered by the Blood of Jesus.

  22. jay says:

    i have always known that the rumor about him nnaji is lie
    good riddance to -bad rubbish

  23. I thought this quote was very suiting “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

  24. ifebi cbn says:

    Ppl shld not throw away our moral values! The fear of God is d begining of wisdom.

  25. me says:

    from d story given here i tink i bliv dem,av u guy thought of y d Nigerian government had banned d song.

  26. me says:

    from d story given here i tink i bliv dem,av u guy thought of y d Nigerian government had banned d song.d olver twist i neva lik it.

  27. Nayor says:

    In every rumour,there is an iota of truth, as 4 d mag. It’s nt always advisable 2 jump into conclusion. Yes d rumour has bn flyn abt, but they ve nt accepted, Mo hits n D’banj… God ‘ll help u guyz ooo, wetin una dey fine sef? God bless u enuf @ least Nig. Africa, una dey popular . God help u if its true!

  28. Nayor says:

    In every rumour,there is an iota of truth, as 4 d mag. It’s nt always advisable 2 jump into conclusion. Yes d rumour has bn flyn abt, but they ve nt accepted, Mo hits n D’banj… God ‘ll help u guyz ooo, wetin una dey fine sef? God bless u enuf @ least Nig. Africa, una dey popular. God help u if its true!!!

  29. gift says:

    o God what a great lost D banj u are lost for life go and confess ur sins to God he is faithful and just to forgive u. jst for the sake of money, dat one day u wil die and leave it, u sold ur soul to the devil.God help u out as u realise ur mistakes and go bak to him for forgivness

  30. Hope in God says:

    What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lost his soul??????????. When the wisest King Solomon confirmed it after he must have derialed from God that Vanity upon Vanity, all is Vanity.
    Dbanji and ur group, look before you leap. God Grace is ever suuficient and available if you only you can make a u-turn and return back to HIM.

  31. BUSYBEE says:


  32. Dele says:

    This story may and may not be true.There are however expositions on Kanye West and Jay-Z that connects them to the Freemasons,Illuminati,church of satan and Alistair Crowley(the most wicked man that ever lived).If D’banj is having anything to do with them-I have no choice,but believe the above story.

  33. neyo says:

    illuminati ko illumilogo ni.nigerians are gullible and hypocrites.u dey go church corruption still plenty,u dey pray 4 mosque u dey kill innocent people.d truth is, there av been secret cults b4 jesus or mohammed was born and d world stil dey.ogboni sef don tey.stupid mag.if pple wey b xtians and moslems dey do horrible tins,y shud i b afraid of illuminati?get a life abeg!

  34. Ritchie says:

    May God deliver you from this group, is it bcos you can not do it on ur own, or for protection?

  35. henrosion says:

    All of una don kolo. If d’banj chorus to go hell then dat’s his choice, after all many of his collegues dey there

  36. christopher eze says:

    men this whole thing is so confussing but i believe there is an atom of truth in it most of this big nigerian artist are cultist but some times most of these things is used just to sell paper also read that dbanj is parting ways with don jazzy to form his own label known as koko label not long ago now is another different story entirely

  37. this is a means of spreading the illuminati cult into nigeria and d banj has jst helped them 2 carry out dat mission, let’s not cease in praying 4 dis our beloved country. the light always wins d fight.

  38. Temi says:

    We shld jst be sensitive, attentive and careful observe this whole story. If it’s true; then too BAD and if it’s not; too SAD.

  39. secateur says:

    dat wan na d’banj and mo hits concern….if dem lyk make dem cari d so called illuminati enta 9ja…na 2day we begin worship satan? b him d 1st,and no b am go b d last…aS for gay,dat wan don dey since…even ma room mate na gay…bt d tin b say,make dem dey do dia gay tin 4 dia syd,,,na pesin 2 dey cum tell me make im c ma dat one go b d prob..illuminati my foot

  40. secateur says:

    dat wan na d’banj and mo hits concern….if dem lyk make dem cari d so called illuminati enta 9ja…na 2day we begin worship satan? b him d 1st,and no b am go b d last…aS for gay,dat wan don dey since…even ma room mate na gay…bt d tin b say,make dem dey do dia gay tin 4 dia syd,,,na pesin 2 dey cum tell me make im c ma dat one go b d prob..illuminati my foot

  41. KellisMartin says:

    Some of u dont knw wat u’re saying, just search, “illuminati” on youtube. Watch some of their videos and u’ll see it’s truth. Illuminati is a powerful occult group..

  42. Omokaro Bright says:

    GOD IS MORE Then illuminati nothing will happen they are on their own

  43. bukky says:

    please let them be,why do you want to bring d’banj down,we should see the good side of this boys and stop speading unconfirmed stories about them.i think there enemies are at war.

  44. da5us says:

    i think u ppl are sick and dont have better thing to do abt all this illuminatti stuff…..why dbanj for god sake mate. this society deal with intellectual ppl dnt ppl like dbanj

  45. Bash says:

    Hey pple leave him did what he like it is world many died n many born

  46. Joel says:

    u argue too much, if my son or daughter join in any of this evil, good, such has just signed his/her death warrant. no question not even from U, God will not partially condemn me cos Gay/lesbian I will murder both. idiots. don’t u know dat what u put in today’s child is what u will reap in tomorrow’s man. the problem in USA/EU today is cos the seen gay & Lesbian as good thing. ask Sodom/Gomorrah what their sin was if not dat but today’s sin is becoming worst than dat. Mind ur self id u commend evil or esle u will receive it in ur door step.

  47. AliG says:

    Illuminati or not who gives a f***

  48. yusuf says:

    Illuminati is real but alot of people don’t believe…watch out

  49. olise ijoma says:

    The iluminati belongs 2 men n women dat matas if i had d oppotunity i would join pls i nid a link kip d good work goin dbanj.up illuminati

  50. Darchyneer says:

    I believe that soon D’banj videos go dey feature checker board floor like Willow Smith D’banj soon go dey carry Baphoment head snap pictures,the devil hand signs and all those stuffs.D’banj I gbadun u oo but u don fuck me up.

  51. daimond says:

    so sad dat d icon has chose 2 raise himsef as a coward if its true.neway d guy needs his protectn.this cults sef!hel is real.

  52. daimond says:

    so sad dat d icon has chose 2 raise himsef as a coward if its true.neway d guy needs his protectn.this cults sef!hel is real.gve ur lyf to christ.

  53. solarise says:

    I don’t have much to say! This Is sign of end time jesus is coming back soon! And Hell fire is real and heaven is real also! So my dear people let’s turn back to god let’s leave those people with their satanic stuffs*** jesus is lord

  54. afronautt says:

    the devils biggest tool is deception.. you who have not known the elementary truths of the world of the occult and their ploy to lead millions of souls to perdition should go back and research before commenting. there is alot i wish is known to people. the end is near, both God and satan are clamoring for harvests.

  55. Justice emperor says:

    pls u pple should live d’banj alone, if he joint any cult, how dose dat effect u pple all over there? +2347032965367 Justice emperor

  56. Justice emperor says:

    d’banj is nt a cultist abeg ooh, if u doubt, cal me on+2347032965367, waiting lucky mama 2 friend.

  57. Reading about the Jackson trial, all I can think is what a sorry, sad end for such a wonderful guy. He’s another one that will never be left to rest in peace, shamefully.

  58. korahbojah says:

    Everything the writer said is true. May God help Dbanj.

  59. juncture says:

    its gonna be stupid for anyone in nigeria to follow his footprints because he has already registered his name in hells books.This world is coming to an end,but some of us have refused to recognise that.Tell me what will happen when God comes down to condemn the bad ones;NIGERIA WILL BE CONDEMNED FIRST! Dont be surprised.

  60. dee says:

    geeez!!…leave him alone…illuminati bla bla…smh

  61. Gieamson says:

    Scandals come quite easily when celebs like D’banj are involved. But it’s no scandal to say that D’banj is an entertainer without any message or moral legacy for Nigerian youths. His videos may grab awards for fantastic animation, graphics and mainstream collabos, but they insult the sensibility of our eyes just like the obscene stuffs churning out of Nigerian music as videos. He should advice himself to review his content otherwise he won’t be very impressed with all these in time to come.

  62. teegal says:

    Lord heal our land.these are really end time signs.

  63. Na wa. The black race have been blackmailed to believe that the all seeing eye, the pyramids, the Temples of Ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt stands for evil and the Devil. My brothers and Sisters. It is our history that was demonised. The Horus, Isis and Osiris histories including Ipha are where religion emanates from. Look deep.

  64. The title of your blog: (Global News » Reckless Lifestyle of D’banj +How he Sold His Soul To Join Secret Cult -His Dressing, Necklace Are Key Signs Of The Cult) seemed intresting so thats how I ended up here!

  65. Vondoola says:

    It is not strange as the whole world is in the power of satan. Only the strong willed and those ready to continue with the hardship of this current life can resist him. Jesus experienced it in the Bible and Peter explained it further. What is very juicy today, of this world, is of the devil including the many people that have flambouyant churches everywhere around the globe.

  66. Feelz says:

    As 4 ILLUMINATI, it’s sooo real…. Dnt know if any body has seen Lady Gaga’s new video Ɣ☺u & I…. But as 4 dbanj being part of it, I dnt think so ….. Well if any1 is still in doubt about ILLUMINATI existence go check out that Gaga’s Video….. As 4 Ɣ☺u “Global news” I jst hope all these things Ɣ☺u people publish here are true… Cz if nt, it’s gon’ b too bad of Ɣ☺u pple but if they are true, KUDOS to Ɣ☺u guys. However I jst wnt 2 advice any reader “When Ɣ☺u read such news like this, PLEASE dnt easily run into conclusions.. Cz U̶̲̥̅̊ cnt be too sure… Jst read em’, keep yur fingers crossed, Pray to God, Live U̶̲̥̅̊я life, dnt let it bother Ɣ☺u… But I knw 1 thing 4 sure “Nothing is Hidden under d SUN”… Adios!!!

  67. fx miky says:


  68. collins says:


    all of una wey dey criticise Dbanj here dey dance em song like die …mtchewwwwwwwwwwww even sef most of you here dey play d song now! Shaking dem head! Shut up and dance joor. If you think he is among then i believe you must stop listening to any song called hip-hop cos it all say same thing, they all belong to one or the other. This story might be true buh i am a very good observer, most times when people procceed to another level in life, the press will find excuse to either lift him/her or criticise him/her. All am saying is that if you think dbanj has joined, and dont want to be influenced then you must quit liistening to any type of hip-hop cos they re all rubbish in the sight og God Allmighty! Now what is reigning now is BABA GOD NONI— have you take a closer look @ that popular statemnt? How it erupted? Yes from the song molowo noni, yea buh these are the issues we need to look @. Dbanj is elevated to another mansion buh if he had gone ahead to drink with satan, *it is his own cup of tea and i believe he went for protection and not for money* soo you will agree with me here that he knows what he is doing soo he dont need to be disturbed. Thankx

  69. nenyenwa says:

    i tink dis is absolutely true. i dnt doubt dis at al.lately, d’banj has bin putting up sme rilly suspishious act nd dey al mak sens nw. jst yestday yl i wz watchn chanel O der wz a liv perfomance by d’banj nd kanye west, dey perfomd ALL OF THE LIGHTS nd @ d end of dia performnce, dey xchangd dia neck blings……,weird. God help us ooooo

  70. kunle says:

    its too bad, there is stil time 4 u to repent and d lord wil 4give u. Bt u dad is a pastor? Y dis act?

  71. timothy says:

    i totally dont agree with u guies….m nt saying d’banj nd don jazzy re nt members of the illuminati oo…but the reasons u guies gave re lame.

  72. ivy ciroma says:

    D’bang is this true? Then am highly disappointed.
    what kind of fans and fame are you looking for, that nigeria and African has not given you.

    To come from such a decent family and decide to sell your sould to the devil, its unbelievable.

    what a shame.

  73. lexy says:

    Everyone has a path in dis place called LIFE.Beyond ere,destiny….Choose ye nw wher u spend urs!D devil has so many offers for us to debate upon bt GOD,one offer which is christ.Choose one.D’banj n d rest hv choosen diars.We can only pray 4 dem.

  74. ezekiel says:


  75. Dayo says:

    Acculturatn wil never stopped.since,most of official govt in nigeria were cultist.they’ve created wat we called truancy among nigerian youth we ave minister of info.n communication who supposed to view videos music released in nigeria.4 d’banj n his crews i don’t blamed them cause less they understood.generation of egyptians wil not b eradicated they wil b producing year by year…..

  76. temmy says:

    what else are you looking for after all you have acquired.

  77. OndoBoy says:

    Tupac Said It and saw it All. Wat an Intelligent Prophetic “Thugged Out” Poet. Don Killiuminati R.I.P. APRIL 1996

  78. jf says:

    one word for D’Banj is that he should give his life to christ now or regret ever goig cult.God cant give him the the talent and he is using it to serve the devil.

  79. samantha. says:

    Now dat he has sold his soul, what more remain 4 him in this world. I think he should better start counting his remaining days he has in this world or to save his soul back he should go back to CHRIST OUR LORD AND PERSONAL SAVIOUR.

  80. barris says:

    u people are truely stupid, talking of things without fact…what d fuck do u pple know about illuminati

  81. "The informed " says:

    I had long since predicted these recent happenings and my predictions for the others artist to follow suit are the new ” convict music” boys recently signed under Akon (the same person that sign the cheif witch Lady Gaga) wizkid, tuface and P-square (although P-square case will be a little hard considering their mother is very religious but so was kanye west mother before she was sacrificed by him). freemasonry (like junior secondary) and the Illuminati (senior secondary) are one and the same, The chose people of fame and influence to propagate all sort of ungodly acts. Just so everyone is informed i want you to research on vigilant, The Illuminati operate in all spheres of life, Government/politics, science, religion, media (to showcase their propaganda), entertainment e.t.c

  82. "The informed " says:

    Check ______vigilantcitizen.com________ and be informed take your time there are so many things to read on the site

  83. a_puzzle says:

    I cnt bliv sum pple join this 4 fame nd wealth,GOD plz dnt let me, my family or friendz eva tink of joinin this… I bliv d@ illuminati exist nd its not for good,hu can say odawise,y defend dem wen dey demslvs do not deny it,u all shld b very carefull w@ u listen to,… If its money or wealth u seek,y not tak it2 GOD in prayers,he givs all,all u av2 do is seek GOD nd heaven and oda tins will folow after all HE’S d same GOD d@ blessd solomon nd nobody will eva b richer dan solomon… lesbianism nd gayism is real nd irritating,y ddnt GOD creat adam nd steve or eve nd ann…heaven or hell,its UR CHOICE, THE END TYM IS HERE,GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST … GOD BLESS US ALL….

  84. Samson says:

    I beg, u people should stop tarnishing d image of d banj and mohit, don’t fight d chosen one becos heaven is in their support.

  85. iyke o says:

    am so dissapointed in u & mo hit as a hole, u mess all ur fans up by joining dat ur so called church of satan, hw do u tink u wll cme out of d cult.

  86. martha says:

    Is true what shall it profit a man to lose his soul and gain the world, my brother D bang try to repent now and give ur soul to Jesus so u will be save all this things in the world are nothing u will die one day and leave it but ur soul is important to God plsssss i beg u give ur life to Jesus thank u

  87. Am sori 4 u banji u knw ur bckground and u are stil doing d rongs wat shal it profit a man if he gains d world and lose he’s soul. U have heard and see people hu join illuminuti and are dead. The devil is a deciever since u are created in d image of GOD no matter hw he promises u. Brother u both are doomed 2 FAIL. I corinthians 5:17. GOD STIL LOVE U.

  88. Edme says:

    This is very real some of you dont know, not only the illuminatis but others like the Church of Satan,New Church of Satan,rokefellas, the Lucis trust(Aka Lucifer Trust), the Masons also illuminati, the O.T.O, The Skulls, the AMORC and so on. Infact any kind of occult, cult and the consulations of shrines are a form of receiving 666(Idolatry). So you all must repent now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior.For he is comming soon.
    Even the founder Johovah’s witness, Seventh Day Adventise and Church Of Jesus Christ of Latal day sainth were all members of the 33rd order of The free masons founded by John masons.”He that has ears let him hear”, Thats what i can say.

  89. lowkey says:

    Lolz ,just finished reading all ur post,and was so shocked as how they got you all,this is what they do,CONSPIRACY!!! Is the fucking word,they want arguments like this,damn,this is how illuminati operates ,they bring issues like ,put ur minds jamming,lolz i fank God for ma self research,if not i would be part of this Conspiracy,just as they wanted,… Am awt !!!

  90. Ab.Isong says:

    I’m speechless. I’m proud to be a gospel artiste.. Jesus is Lord

  91. Jesus Saves says:


  92. Kabelo says:

    The whole illuminati thing seems like a ploy for Satan’s elements to promote charismatic denominations, which are in their nature the very tools Satan uses to worship him in disguise.

  93. promise says:

    d banj if this is true u r doomed forever for the bible says the love of money os the root of all evil

  94. Aych says:

    Haha dis is quiet funny

  95. Spieky says:

    Illuminati here and there. All these are signs of end time as revelation told us. The illuminati are just anti christ that want to turn the world and give everibody the mark ”666”. Beware of what you do. 666 may not be in form of mark but something which everybody will receive. Beware it has arrived Nigeria.

  96. the end time says:

    the end time is,,,,, the coming of the lord is ,,,,,, he who has ear should,,,,, there is no sin without,,,,,, but the sin of the holy spirit can not be,,,,, i forgive who i choose to,,,,, tus says the,,,… L:O::R:::D

  97. Victor says:

    Tk it or liv it d end is hear, illumenati is every wear, there symbols are every wear .as 4 d’bang , let d LORD jurdge d cremenal!

  98. lazarus says:

    O D-banj its dis hw u cn see d kingdom of hell?

  99. Fredkokkyjohnson says:

    Dbanj is out of reckless life

  100. Fredkokkyjohnson says:

    Dbanj hell is awaiting for you

  101. Fredkokkyjohnson says:

    What is fame self,am a musician but i wont undergo what dbanj undergoes…..,………..,…

  102. Fredkokkyjohnson says:

    The end time is near,dbang dont get davidoo into your roughest lifey.

  103. Komascity kosi says:

    @illuminati,i don’t see any gain @ it instead selling their souls to the devil for nothing sake or rather one nonsense fame(is d’banj not famous)

  104. S k says:

    I remain grateful 2 those who spent their precious tym 2 cary out de research dat expose de secrete activities of de socall ocult members. Some are speakin in their not bcos they ar paid 2 do so but becos they are & highly posses by de spirit of illuminati

  105. Josat says:

    D love of money is d root of evil,u re lost wen money begins 2 control.Ur heart shld b ur driver

  106. Rolexc says:

    Is a pity dbang sold his soul to the occult world the devil in the name of fame. I knew his collaboration with foreign artist was not ordinary. Help him in prayers he needs to be saved. I just imagined how he could joined such demonic agent. Those who cannot afford their daily bread in the world today still hold everything to God. Why him? dbang is demonic, u dancer and lover beware! its real

  107. Spieky says:

    D world is coming 2 an end, rapture will take place very soon, so prepare ur self. Note, that a former member of church satan has confessed and exposed their activities. U can read 4 ur self 4 d salvation of ur soul @ OR a google search on d name of d former member: Chaminee Mills.

  108. anthony says:

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    best artist will get a contract with storm records for
    more info.send your personal information to…

  109. anthony says:

    Storm record is looking for upcoming TALENTED artistes for audition and the
    best artist will get a contract with storm records for
    more info.send your personal information to…

  110. witboy says:

    some people no get work at all,se how they sant down and write rubbish,this is totally trash

  111. Kkd says:

    Wel! Illuminati is real, 2pac shakur in his track “hailmary” jst listen2 what he said2 illuminati. 2pac shakur ws abt2 reveal dre secrt they killed him, several attmpt ws md by kenyewest nd he sucid. Wht of big, micheal jackson ws abt exps dre scrt nd dey killed him, d world knws dat dey ar members. Illuminati’s evrwre dnt tnk of it is only ths ppl ar members d polician, musician, government infact they ar evwre,nd dat we al knw abt them, many yr pass ppl dnt knw abt them bt 4nw evrbody knws wat illuminati is, wat is ol abt.
    Dre mission nw is to kill 90% of d world population, dey ar very powerful,bt god pass dem.

  112. Poky says:

    Sav only ur lord jesus and u wil av evertin on earth and heaven

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