Money Laundering …How Lagos Lawmakers Conspire with First Generation Bank to Loot Tax Payers’ Money

Posted on October 1, 2018 || By: Global News

Shocking and empirical facts have emerged on how members of the Lagos State House of Assembly conspire with a first generation bank (names withheld) in the State to loot tax payers’ money. Despite the All Progressives Congress (APC) claim of zero tolerance for corruption, it is disheartening Lawmakers of the same ruling party act in sharp contrast to what the party claims to stand for.

An exclusive investigation made by Global News Magazine, which is backed by impeccable documents and facts, has uncovered how the Lawmakers, with the assistance of some corrupt bank officials, use fictitious bank accounts to launder money for their personal use.

It was discovered that every two or three days, at least the sum of three million naira (3,000,000) is  laundered into an account with the first generation bank, that has changed identity in recent past and almost immediately, the money is  disbursed into several accounts of the Lawmakers. And these are the people who will come out and behave as if they are saints.

A source at the Lagos State House of Assembly, who craved anonymity, explained that “this is just one of the many avenues that the politicians use to defraud Nigerians of their money. They achieve it through the assistance of some  bank officials.”

Some of the bank accounts they (the Lawmakers) use to perpetrate this fraud are arranged for them by the bankers, who in turn get their own share of the loot. The details of their numerous shady deals with the bank in question will throw you off balance.

I know that they will in their usual manner try to deny this information, but if they do, the many documents and evidences at our disposal will shock them to the marrows and we are coming out to reveal the details of those involved in this daylight robbery. I’m much more disappointed because this shouldn’t be happening in the same party where the President’s major objective is to fight corruption to a standstill,” our source added.

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