I’m Proud of My Uniqueness –Actress Juliet Ibrahim

Posted on September 19, 2018 || By: Global News
Star actress, Juliet Ibrahim has revealed that despite numerous attempts by detractors to bring her down, her resilience and guts have contributed immensely to her success.
The filmmaker, who has soared on the local and international scenes, said she has been ridiculed several times because of her personality but still she thrives.
She recently posted on one of her social media handles that “See, I have been called all sorts; ‘k-legs,’ mocked and ridiculed, only because I embrace who I am and I’m not afraid of pushing the limit. Those insecure about themselves will always try to make others insecure about themselves, but my secret has always been to embrace my flaws and be proud of my uniqueness.
You cannot walk runways and grace billboards, talk less of being the face of multinational companies if you don’t appreciate your uniqueness and embrace your flaws.”

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