EKO Hospital In Ruins + Diagnoses Man To Be Three Months Pregnant

Posted on February 6, 2012 || By: Global News

When doctors at the Eko Hospital took blood samples of Mr. Oke when he was rushed to the hospital for treatment, his family received the shocker of their lives when they were informed that their husband and daddy was three months pregnant. With annoyance they took their ill family member to a nearby hospital, where he was diagnosed of typhoid fever, and after which he was treated and is today hale and hearty.

Such has been the rot that has befallen the once prestigious Eko Hospital. A recent visit to the Bank Anthony Way premises of the hospital showed a clear lack of interest by the Kuku family who co-own the hospital. The nurses are not even showing enthusiasm in discharging their duties and their so-called private wards are in bad shape, which makes one wonder if any of their upper class customers still patronize them.

The short trip to the place and the stench that greeted us were enough to turn back a new customer, while an old customer coming for check-up would wonder if he/she wouldn’t contract a new set of diseases. Unlike other high-brow hospitals, the environment is not conducive and one begins to wonder if the Kuku family have suddenly run bankrupt to the extent of allowing the hospital to decay to that level.

Back in the day, the hospital, co-owned by Drs. Eneli, Kuku and Obiora – coined EKO – was the toast of many and could be said to be in the same league with hospitals like St. Nicholas. But the situation of things at the hospital has turned from good to worse. The building even looks like it needs attention and the administration really needs a shake. Investigation revealed that those supposed to be manning the hospital are those that do not have a flair for it.

It is the general belief that it is a matter of time before the once highly regarded hospital becomes a disaster as the current situation, we learnt, has been causing systematic withdrawal of even the once very loyal patients of the hospital.

5 responses to “EKO Hospital In Ruins + Diagnoses Man To Be Three Months Pregnant”

  1. omasan harriman says:

    jesus christ wonder shall never end in nigeria this will happen

  2. Olowolagba Fiwajoye says:

    The end time is here.

  3. BANKS says:

    Yes, THIS IS VERY TRUE, i was there last week and you wont believe what i witnessed, The treatment room on the first floor is so dirty, and this guys wants to administer chloro quine tablets on a 8months old for malaria. i quickly take my son elsewhere.

  4. Bruce says:

    Nigeria we hate thee

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