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Christ Embassy Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Pushed Out of Business – By Two New Pastors


It is no more news that the founder of the Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyhakilome has relocated to South Africa from Nigeria which is the headquarters of his Love World Believers’ Church and for some time now he has been facing on crisis or another. And recently there was a story that the pastor who possesses the look that could make a matinée idol green with envy may be thinking of looking for greener pasture elsewhere out of South Africa.

We can reliably tell you that the pastor has been facing serious competition from two other pastors in South Africa whose level of performing miracle undermines that of the man his Nigerian congregation love to call Pastor Chris. The pastors are Prophet Uebert Angel of Spirit Embassy and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) and the Shepherd Bushiri Ministries International.

These two men of God, we were reliably informed, are the reason Pastor Chris travelled to the UK with the aim of establishing another miracle-performing church, but this has since failed as he could not afford to expose his activities to the police over there who has been clamping down of late on churches over issues that have to do with money.

At the inception Oyakhilome was said to have drawn great South African crowd to the church because of his works of miracle which he exhibited through the establishment of the Healing School, but recently because of the fraud allegation levelled against him by some people who claimed they were paid by his church to feign suffering from one ailment or the other. The two pastors have since moved in with full force pushing his type of miracle to the back.

Information revealed that Pastor Chris is on the verge of being pushed out of the miracle business by the accuracy with which they predict and proffer solutions to people’s problems. Prophet Uebert Angel’s Spirit Embassy which almost has the same name with Pastor Chris’ Christ Embassy also has a television programme called Miracle TV where all sorts of works of miracle performed by the 34 years old prophet and his wife are being shown on a 24-hour basis.

Unlike the dramatic style of miracle being performed by Pastor Chris, where the setting for miracle is always in a movie-like manner, Uebert’s style is aggressive, as he would call people out during the service and tell the congregation their names out as well as the problems they are suffering from, giving the impression he has never seen them. He goes as far as mentioning names of members of the families of those who benefit from his miracles.

His style, we gathered, was the reason he was forced to establish two churches in South Africa even when he’s from the neighbouring Zimbabwe as people now travel from all over the country just to get their own bit of miracle from the young prophet all at the expense of Pastor Chris’ church and miracle ministry as he was described as mentor of presidents, multimillionaires and government officials of many countries, which is the sole aspiration of the Nigerian-born mulatto pastor.

Just like Uebert, another that is making miracle business very difficult for Pastor Chris is Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who also showcases his many works of miracle through his prophetictv. With his headquarters in Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi, he seems to have gradually started finding his feet in South Africa as sources revealed his ministry has successfully drawn out of Pastor Chris’ fold many followers who are of the opinion that the young man who is not afraid to speak what he sees not minding the government of the day is better made to meet their spiritual need than the well-fed Pastor Chris.

The story of his birth was also said to be playing an important role in the growth of his ministry. He was said to have been born under mysterious circumstances and that there were so many issues surrounding his birth such that after he had been safely delivered, his mother called him Shepherd, acknowledging that the Lord was her shepherd. He recently acknowledged receiving a special gift of jet from a certain family for the purpose of his ministry.

In his words: “A certain family in Europe has bought a jet for my ministry with a capacity of 18 people. Cordon Bright with his wife Shanon thought of blessing my ministry with this new jet after seeing how important it is to have it, as to help me touch the world easily with the gospel.”

Bushiri, like Uebert, has suddenly become South Africa’s face of miracle-performing pastors pushing the once-reigning Oyakhilome to the background and this, we were informed, is the reason the latter has been testing his legs in the waters of other countries like London where recent experiences of other pastors of African descent indicate they will not be willing to welcome him and his miracle train.




100 responses to “Christ Embassy Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Pushed Out of Business – By Two New Pastors”

  1. bobby says:

    This information is not true. Pastor Chris is not in a compatition with Ubert or Shepherd. He sees the need to spread the gospel to all nations. They are both ordained by God. Pastor Chris is a teacher while Ulbert and Shepherd are Prophets they hv different gifts. Remember the body of Christ has many parts

    • Epignosis says:

      D writer of dis ridiculous write-up really need 2 ask God 4 4givness.U pple actually dunno who dis M.O.G is,he’s an annointed man,he’s nt in competition wif anyone…First of all go get a job,cos its soo obvious u dnt av one

      • PHANESIS says:


        • McSolomon says:

          don’t abuse. be quick to listen but be slow to responed .thats biblical. certainly no smoke without fire

        • thr crown says:

          pastor chris is already a made man by God ,and whole world can not unmade him. u are free to run ur mouth it doesn’t change anytin. dear pastor, ride on the lord is wt u

    • Victory says:

      You are very right

  2. Emmanuel says:

    Whoever is the writer of this disgusting write-up, should ask God for forgiveness. Can u boldly write about a prophet in islam and go free? Why don’t u fear and respect God’s elects?

  3. PGIVENS says:

    I would like to encourage the writter of the above article to become born again so that he may understand how the kindom of God works.In our kingdom we don’t compete because each one of us is unique and called differently.We compliment each other because our goal is one.that is bring people to christ.Others will believe thru prophecy while others thru teaching of the word and miracles.We operate by love hence no competition.Pastor chris , eubert angel and shepherd bushiri understands this as men of God so no one of them sees himself better than the other,otherwise that would be the begining of their decline.listen to them, they don’t speak evil of each other they are all men of God, not rivals.If you understand the kingdom life you can’t write such again becoz you also understand the consquence of writting such about innocent great men of God.

    • Victory says:


      • Victory says:

        They are all Man of God with the same objection-Spreading the gospel! I wonder what this writer got against the Man Of God Pastor Chris.Get a life Mr Writer!

    • Temwa says:

      good! Men of God do not compete but complements each other. it is not a money gain business because God has all Silver and Gold. hence these men of God; Chris, Bushiri and Angel are co-workers in the kingdom of Jesus. at the end of the world we shall all enjoy in the kingdom of God as long as we are true born-again Christians. John 3:16

  4. ada says:

    father forgive this writer for he do not know what he is doing

  5. Edson Kayira(Malawi) says:

    Guys let’s respect Gods work.Who put you to judge the works of others? Let the one who is sinless judge.I tellyou if you judge for God you will never escape Gods judgement.Read and understand the Bible.In ACTS 5 vs 34-39 tells us how behave posively to God.Let’s follow Gamaliels advice.Life in God the Fathern,Son and the Holyspirit is sweetest.Mind you hell and Paradise are reall.Let’s all aim to go paradise.

  6. daniel says:

    it is apity people can publish this about a man who has sold his heart to the gosple.Remember the anointing on pst chris can destroy anyone who opposes him.
    please apilogise for this mistake.God help you

  7. lamola says:

    Two people can watch over samething from a distance and give different reports,you know why?It starts by who u are,ur nature,what kind of mentality do u have,how do u see.Listen a men is a spirit have&hav got a soul and live in a body.lf u are havent known Jesus Christ as ur saviour u are spiritual dead like Adam after he ate the fruit of knowing good and evil.Now what u are will determine the way u think&the way u think will determine how u see& the way u see will determine the way meditate &speak out.Now writer dont touch the anointed of God.Ur fruit show clearly that u dont belong to the Kingdom that these 3men of God are operating.Look because of different problems people facing daily they will move from one church to the other looking for help ,but that does not mean competition as u thought writter.Pliz humble urself &be born again so u may see &walk in the light of God.Amen

  8. Nkosinathi says:

    There is no competition in work of God. All men of God ‘s main purpose for preaching this gospel is to see you born again. They all work for that. Remember they pray for each other . They all pray for you writer, they all hope that evil people like may be receive Christ.

  9. Daniel says:

    the person who wrote this article wrote non-sense…ur just a foolish man who dont understand what u are talking of.mxm

  10. I am not believing what I just read

    Is the writer a christian or what? Has there ever been competition among men of God? Is miracle performing a business? I mean do the two your upcoming prophets aware on what the writer has put in here? I am not a Zimbabwean, Nigeria or Malawian….but I am fond of the three pastors. They are clear demonstration of God’s work.

    They cannot compete, they know they have to give an account on how they used the Gifts God gave them. I know they have to be submissive to Him that has given them a task to do

  11. FAISON says:

    Father forgive this writer for he is in darkness , i pray that this light pst Chris is preaching should meet this writer one day in Jesus name .

  12. nigel says:

    hahahaha i find that article ridiculous. How can a mature man write such a thing. I am 15yrs of age but i undrstnd that there is no competition in the kingdom of God .whoever wrote that, is ignorant of th word of God.. Niga you better search the scriptures and meditate on them lest you grieve the holyspirit…

  13. Ib says:

    Dis is my 1st time 2 hear dis unbelievable comment frm dis unGodly writer dat a man of God has competition.d writer should know dat those three men of God were obviously anointed 2 carry out d work of God and to preach d word 2 unGodly people 4 dem 2 av God in their lives.may God 4give d writer.

  14. Rodney says:

    Dear writer: So you wanna cause distruction and confusion to the people of God about pastors?
    This is just something to draw people into the mentality of competion.
    All miracles is God. Repent for the kingdom of God is near
    Grow up

  15. Saara says:

    No competition whatsoever. They are all called to do the work of God.

    We love them for allowing to be used by Almighty. So, leave them alone.

  16. Jackson Kiswaga says:

    I know Pastor Chris is really man send by God for this continent in our time to be salt on earth, meaning to bring true color of Christianity. I am in Tanzania but I once visited his ministry at HQ in Nigeria Ikeja, I could see a really sent man by God.

  17. munyaka says:

    The writer this is not true. The spirit dats functions in u does not match to those 3 mighty men of GOD. You are in the dark. U dnt knw even difference btwn a pastor and prophet. Wat u did is unpardonable sin!! Methew 12v31

  18. yamikani uta says:

    If I were u mr write I’d just remove this article because it’s obvious everyone of your readers is repeled by this work. Apparently the more this article stays the more people will discredit you and the more your reputation as a writer gets destroyed. Sensetionalist writing is an abomination as far as christian living is concerned so you better leave it to other social issues.


    NAMPERO HARRIET UGANDA;Only God is to judge.first judge ur self . LEAVE men of GOD to do their work.that’s their calling wats yours?then do it and wait 4 ur own reward.if you feel they are off truck then pray for them

  20. When one is in flesh it is impossible to understand the things of the Spirit.We are not surprised with what we hear them say against our man of God.Jesus called money out of the mouth of Fish!!! Silver and Gold Belong to God!! Search the Scriptures!!

  21. musa says:

    Pastor Chris and the other prophet are not in competition, but it would take a christian to understand that we are all playing by the mind of one person: Christ. How can christ fight himself? Just like Jesus said if he is take out demons he can’t be one of them for the sake of the kingdom. Sir, miracle are not business and the more people we have performing the better for the sake of the kingdom’s growth.

  22. musa says:

    Pastor Chris and the other prophet are not in competition, but it would take a christian to understand that we are all playing by the mind of one person: Christ. How can christ fight himself? Just like Jesus said if he is take out demons he can’t be one of them for the sake of the kingdom. Mr, miracle are not business and the more people we have performing the better for the sake of the kingdom’s growth. Web site friem christians, they tried to friem wm branham, but it was too obvious to me. I already knew him

  23. musa says:

    Pastor Chris and the other prophet are not in competition, but it would take a christian to understand that we are all playing by the mind of one person: Christ. How can christ fight himself? Just like Jesus said if he is take out demons he can’t be one of them for the sake of the kingdom. Mr, miracle are not business and the more people we have performing the better for the sake of the kingdom’s growth.

  24. Innocent says:

    Dis person nids 2 go nd seej God’s 4gvnes else,it wuldnt go wel 4 him or her

  25. Zaza says:

    I’m not a member in either of the churches leaded by these pastors but i know for sure that what is written here is pure pure lies, how can pastors be in a competition because they all operate in different offices? The writer needs an urgent deliverance because he/she is a Pathological liar. These are true Men of God and they are all raised by him. I advise the write to look for help or even ask these Men of God for help.

    ”My people perish because they lack knowledge” Hosea 4:6

  26. Snogger James says:

    No competition in the body of Christ Mr Writer. Repent Jesus is coming soon

  27. david says:

    Dear Father
    I pray in the name of jesus forgive the writter. Help him. Let him repent and get a chance to become your child in the name of jesus christ.
    For jesus died for this same purpose.

  28. I love you pastor. You touched my life through the word of God. God bless you

  29. Nosisi Ndlela says:

    People must understand that miracles come from God not from man.
    Mark 16:15-17.In the Kingdom of God there is no competition.

    Pastor Chris does not compete.All he does is God’s work.Wherether one believes or not .He is not doing for anybody but for the Glory of the Lord

  30. We must understand that the kingdom work is about Torching the Lives of others but have been given differents assignment according to our ability . The Ministry work is not about competition.1st Corinthians 12:4-6 says: Now there are many kinds of gifts , but of the same spirit. And there are many kinds of Ministries, but the same Lord. And there are many kinds of Operations, but it is the same God who works all in all.
    Remember, They are all God’s servants..Respect them..
    God bless You.


    It is a pitty if we still have people existting who are like this writer. May God All Mighty forgive him in JESUS NAME”””’

  32. Shilaku says:

    I looked out for the name of the author of this, if you were truthful in what u are saying You should have let us know who you are first. You are a Liar, and Very much Missed informed. if anything poor, displeased by the success of others. If were your boss, you would sacked immediately, before you pain for being unsuccessful turns to me. The Word works, if u seeking success, come JOIN US AT CHRIST EMBASSY, WERE THE WORD IS THOUGHT, THE WORD THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFULL

  33. nkulee says:

    this is unbelievable, surely we are closer to the end of days… what you wrote here shows no respect to the things of the kingdom of God i pray he forgives you…

  34. Amor says:

    The writer of this article ‘clearly’ does not know what he/she is talking about. These men of God have different gifts…READ YOUR BIBLE CHILD! UK needed Pastor Chris and he is having no trouble filling up stadiums there…also, if you did your research then you would know that his wife is based there…with a big church there….I attended the church is Sheffield, that is just one of the many Christ Embassy branches in the UK…There is a difference between a Prophet and Pastor, they do different things so there is no completion there, there actually cannot be any completion as these men are called to do the work of God. I love them all; Pastor Chris, Prophet Uebert Angel, Prophet Shepard Bushiri and all the other men of God who preach the word of God. Please (to the writer of this article)…repent. Don’t speak negative thoughts about any man of God. Thanks and may God lead you.

  35. wow may God forgive you…God said “touch not my anointed ones” if you want to see His rath upon u,continue on grieving the Holy Spirit..and if u grive him there’s no forgiveness.Mr writter surely u didn’t know what u were doing.these 3 Man of God are totally unique…u can’t compete when we are one body in Christ..shalom!

  36. Elca Cole says:

    Dear Pastor Chris and your wife don’t worry when peaple start saying nagetive about you and ministry davil is very angry at you too because of his lost , These two young guys they are your seeds because you have sawn the seeds all over the world continue love peole with love of God. I am reading your books Pray affectively, Pray the right way, and how to make your faith work it’s amazing how much i grow in God I wish everybody will buy them because all what God has revealed in you it’s true that his children are suffering because of lack of knowledge.I was born again in 1991 but, the tnings i experienced in my life they were making me cry when i think about God’s word of what He say. All I want to say to them poeple they attecking and acusing the wrong person God will protect you with your family keep your faith strong I am praying for you pastor. I am from South Africa by the way my name is Sibongile my maiden name Kheswa Love Elca

  37. Medunsa says:

    I don’t know what I could have done if i was in your position. I will not judge. May God give you insight as I travail in prayer for you, just like paul when he was Saul…u will testify also. And I declare that you will be a great minister of the Gospel.

  38. Eugene says:

    All are doing the Lord’s work, no point comparing, that is from satan !

  39. Judah says:

    Well it is obvious this man needs popularity but he does not know how to get it , so he took the wrong step . I tell you man you where born to touch lives to be popular and great . It is in you but you chose the wrong approach to it now if you don’t repent and turn and ask for forgiveness not only will you not attain you destiny you will grow old in pain and misery. I am a prophet of Gid raised by pastor chris I love prophet Angel as he inspires me the more. Watch from the day you will read this post your misery starts.

  40. Judah says:

    Well it is obvious this man needs popularity but he does not know how to get it , so he took the wrong step . I tell you man you where born to touch lives to be popular and great . It is in you but you chose the wrong approach to it now if you don’t repent and turn and ask for forgiveness not only will you not attain you destiny you will grow old in pain and misery. I am a prophet of God raised by pastor chris I love prophet Angel as he inspires me the more. Watch from the day you will read this post your misery starts.

  41. Zodwa says:

    It also happened with John. People tried to poison him saying Jesus is baptizing like him. But John knew who he was and who Jesus is. Same here, Pastor Chris, Prophet Angel and Major Prophet Sheperd Bushiri know who they are in the kingdom of God, they know what they are sent to do on earth.So, leave God’s business to God.

  42. charity aideyan says:

    I Love Pastor Chris, The Man is blessed .

  43. vincent says:

    Dear fellow believers in Christ, it is very sad and annoying to see Satan rising to the level of writing articles like these against the Men of God, however we are not ignorant of his schemes. Fellow Christians its time for war against principalities and not flesh and blood.

  44. Aaron says:

    The most powerful attribute we all carry within us is Love. It was the Law that condemned the woman caught in adultery. The Law wanted to judge her and stone her. Until she came to Jesus who did not condemn her… But instead gave her courage and power to go sin no more… We are of the free woman that walks in grace and love. John says, “They will know us by our love”!!!! Let us be careful not to quickly call “fire” and “judgement” on some one who may have a different opinion. Love is powerful… And honor… Philippians 2

  45. Itu says:

    What is wrong with people who write such rubbish? Is spreading the word of God such a bad thing? I’m very well traveled and I have seen most corners of the world and what I see is people all over the world yarning for God which is what the likes of Pastor Chris Oyhakilome is giving them yet we have buffoons:ie Global News that question the spreading of the word of God.

    Personally I would much rather sit down read my Bible than pick up a copy of “Global FAKE News” who lack credibilty and clearly look for ways of seeling their publications through lies and rubbish.

  46. “Do not touch my annointed and do my Prophets no harm…”

  47. femi says:

    Based on the comments I’m reading here, the writer of this article by now should have realised he can’t achieve any level of success by writing against men of God or through writing in General and he should seek God’s help and think of something better to do. Moreover, it takes foolishness for a single person ( who is still struggling to make a living) to assume he’s smarter and wiser than hundreds of thousands of intellectuals and people that have experienced God. Christ embassy is a big ministry with many successful members who are happy and grateful to be in such a ministry; there must be something they are gaining there, give a thought about this.

  48. Vitalis Chukwuemeka Onah says:

    God is good&His vessels can’t fight or compete, instead, we complement each other. Be Blessed mr writer, God is not angry with you but you should go close to no Him more. He has forgiven you all ur sins if only Jesus will ve His way in ur life. God bless you.

  49. Philip Barwuah says:

    Pastor Chris is a genuine man of God and all these men of God are spreading the gospel. There is no competition in the Kingdom of God and all of them are operating in their offices of calling.

  50. Robert Yusuf says:

    Its no suprise that that the world is trying to set us against each other, thank God that a man with evidence is never at the mercy of a man with argument, the CHURCH is marching on & the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.



  52. Flora says:

    This is ridiculous, is just like saying a gynacologist is competing with a radiologist and a dentistry on customers while it is obvious that it is different areas of specialisation hahahahahahahahahah. How can there be competition between a footballer, basketballer and tennis player? judge for yourself

  53. Wumi London says:

    Writer, it is very obvious from your writing that you do not know Jesus Christ, I mean you have not given you life to him. You are at risk of going to Hell. Surrender you life to God now and let Him show you how to write the word of life that will change your destiny for ever. I love you.

  54. Agbogu Nyerho says:

    For the management of this site to allow such a devilish publication like this simply means that your roots are from the devil,this publication is all aimed at critisicing the Annointed Man of God,Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and probably you have been bribed with huge money by an unbeliever to post this .well,this is not the first time the devil is using humans to put up things like this,of course,we already understand from the scriptures that satan is the deciever of the brethren,so i thank God for the lives of all those who has comented on this,at least it is obvious that everything u posted is totaly wrong and satan inspired.i,m not suprised to see this because the bible made it clear that surely they shall gather but if its not of God ,they shall scatter,i only pity the life of the author of this post,just like the others have said,please give your life to Christ and repent,Rush and Get tapes and messages of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and read,because your life obviously needs it right now….may God forgive you,turn you around and use you just how he did in the life of Saul,to Paul…AMEN

  55. st. patrick says:

    get a life for yourself rather than stay there and raise illusions that will make people believe there is figth in the kingdom when there is none. this will surely lead you into sorrow unemerginable if u don’t repent, i promise u.

  56. Replete says:

    There are truly many that run the race in God’s kingdom- but God’s reward is to the lawful. This write-up is full of lies. In the Kingdom of God we’re only allowed to compete with self and outdo your own past. The writer should not only repent to God but to this post by explaining his intentions…because the easiest way of getting feedback from the masses is by giving a controversy.

  57. Cecilia Davids says:

    This has to be the worst form of hate speech i have ever read. I am Zimbabwean and to compare the ministry of Angel and pastor Chris is a ridiculous joke. Firstly I am not a member of Christ embassy but am well aware of Pst Chris world wide influence which the other 2 pastors mentioned do not even begin to scratch the surface of. I know all 3 men and Angel has a ministry of about 5000 members in Zim Harare and small congregations outside of harare. Bushiri is an itinerant minister who is getting known but not in comparison to Pst Chris. THE WRITER OF THIS ARTICLE SEEMS TO HAVE AN AXE TO GRIND WITH PST CHRIS AND CHOOSES TO USE PUBLIC MEDIA FOR THAT PURPOSE. This is a shame and very disappointing. Pst Chris has congregations all over the world many whose single sizes are bigger than the main congregations of the other 2 ministers. Where is the evidence of Pst Chris running away from RSA and running away from the UK when he does crusades in all these countries including European countries where the other 2 have never been to as yet? Pst Chris is a teacher of the world who never competes with anyone and is a mature elder minister whilst the other 2 are still building their profiles. THIS IS A CRYING SHAME ESPECIALLY AS IT SEEMS TO COME FROM SOME RELIGIOUS INDIVIDUAL. Shame on you and knowing Pst Chris he wont dignify this with a response neither would his ministry. YOU OUGHT TO REPENT OF YOUR CHARLATAN NATURE AND HOPEFULLY FIND SALVATION AND DELIVERANCE.

  58. james says:

    Whoever the write of this is , he needs forgiveness from the God of these people. He should find something to write about like “Satanic Verses”. this would be a good one for him. leave the M.O.G alone

  59. the law says:

    why are people making a fuss about what the writer wrote? what is your case, oh godly people. all i read is defence speech on behalf of the pastor. who sent you all. why not be mute instead of taking sides. i only know myself. i cant vouch for any man. you definitely cannot vouch for any man so plsssssss hold it you all. we probably are all Christians here. have you not read the bible to know that a time would come and there would be false prophets? angel of darkness pretending to be angel of light? why not leave the issue for God you all. the writer only expresses his beliefs about the pastor. that doesn’t mean that the writer is a beast who does not fear God. did pastor Chris ask you all to come and Defend him? who made you his Advocate i ask you? or do you think he has not seen this write up. (people drinking panadol over some one else’s headache.) were you there when God called pastor Chris or even your pastor. just go to church, do what the bible says and keep quiet.do u know d heart of man? even God said he would reject some of them who claims to have been healing in his name. be wise. do your own and let the next man/writer do his own. don’t shut him up. we would also be judges in the end time or have u forgotten that scripture?

    • rexford says:

      It is amazing that you will be talking like this. If you knew anything in the bible you would have known that such stupid and baseless articles about men of God are not to be tolerated in our kingdom. Didn’t you read from the bible that strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. What the writer was seeking to achieve is to scatter the flock.
      You who are saying did anybody called the respondents to be advocates for Pastor Chris, who called you an advocate for the writer too?
      Such articles should not be allowed because if you cannot do such to any muslem imam, why do you think it ok in christianity.

  60. cyril says:

    I have read all ur says all good and sensible but i pray u all will undertand this. As a minister u are not expected to be known as a miracle worker not that is evil but it is because the fact that we are in the last days the kind of miracle that a minister is to be known of is the miracle of turning life from darkness to light through the INFALLABLE WORD OF GOD, OPENING THE EYES OF UNDERTANDING OF MANY CHURCH GOERS BASE ON THE TRUTH IN GOD’S WORD AND BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD. So there is no miracle greater than that of delivering one from the power of darkness to light and therefor to kingdom of God. My dear friends let not ur inclination be base on the miracle a preacher does, yes i may heal you of ur infirmity by the power in the name of jesus but if ur name is not written in the book of heaven what i did was to add salt to ur wounds if i prophesy wealth to u then i hate u, tomorrow may mean goodbye and you happen to find ur self in another life where ur pain would be much greater than that of ur infirmity while alive. So to commend a minister or a preacher dew to the manifestation of God’s gift in him (for many are false) is a bad omen. I think the case here should be: Are u saved by the gospel of christ he preach?(for many preach gospel of setan), how is the impact of that gospel in ur life? Can miracle take you to God’s kingdom a place of eternal joy? Is true the scripure said, this signs shall follow them that believe, do u truely believe? (Or u are fealing that u are same mate with God, u dont even believe that christ died for ur sake neither accepting him as ur lord and savour but u believe the prophecies and the stories of u are gonna make it this year of the pastor and also going for miracles and miracle centers, u are doing ur self no good than hurt. So tell me that man of God that never compromise the gospel truth or that preacher that tells u the hard sayings and u did’nt found ur selfish pleasure in it but believe whole heartedly or the truth u heard from the man of God about the savour and his promise that made you weep for ur sins and reject them, and i will tell you that true man of God, i will tell you that individual that is in the atmophere of miracle and i will also tell u you that individual who is swimming in the pool miracle and power.

  61. Tukombo says:

    I bet you are out of your mind. To u the work of God is business, shame!! How would you look at the work of God like though it was a beauty pegeant or something. Stop judging men of God, a day is coming which the Lord himself has appointed for that. You know less of the men about God than the Lord himself who called them out. He gave them a destiny & a mission, different from one another & there is no need to compare. My friend you really need to get born again to understand how the Kingdom of God works, it is a body, one BODY of CHRIST. Its not like the kingdom of Satan in which people are always fighting to step on the heads of others

  62. Solidsoul says:

    We should understand there are natural , Carnal & Spiritual men. And this writer without mincing words is in NATURAL category-writes for soft sale newspaper ,therefore very very far from de things of de spirit. The flesh understands only de things of de flesh.so this person is fleshly but he can never go de same.Spirit of God is arresting & convicting him now in Jesus name ,Amen!

  63. linah says:

    the person who wrote this atticle is canally minded,and i wonder which college or university did he go to which gave him a wrong defination of business because these three Pastor are not running a business but the are all man of God called to heal the nation ,teach the nation miracles will be done till the Lord comes even if you call them fake or real they are fulfilling their calling and i hope you as well you are fulfilling yours of accusing the man of GOD

  64. N.Immaniyelu says:

    Dear Brothers in Christ,
    Greetings to you in the most highly exalted Name of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is really a great privilege that God has given us to be able to meet you through this letter and share with you about our Ministry in India. I was so surprised on seeing your website on coming to know about your work. On reading your web site, we are much interested to work with you. We felt very happy that you are doing your work. I am a converted Christian. We too hail from poor family. We have no moveable or immovable properties. Our aim is to visit every nook and corner of the Indian Villages, and to promote the Gospel to every perishing soul. We really hope to see a great deal of harvest in the coming days. Our Ministry is mainly based on Gospel work in rural, tribal, and slum areas. We visit a number of villages in a month to proclaim the Gospel; India has a population of over one thousand million people of various races and 20 official languages (with a thousand others) spread between the major religions of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Christianity. There are an estimated 30 million Christians, divided by doctrine, cultures and tradition.
    We have our co-workers in different villages. We all work together for the extension of the Kingdom of God. All of our co-workers are very poor. They have no proper shelters and no permanent Church buildings. We gather in verandas and in the corners of the streets during nights. The workers have their families to care for while. They go on the Gospel work. Many days a month they face hunger. Our Ministry really consists of a life style of starvation, anxieties, rebellions, mockeries, etc., but we are persistent in the Gospel work to save perishing souls. If there is a monthly support for our co-workers, their families will be looked after, and they can go into the ministry more effectively.
    We are regular victims of natural calamities such as cyclones, floods and fire accidents, which take away every year a number of lives and make the children orphans. At such times, we bring some of the orphans to us and look after them by collecting money from our local people. At present we are looking after 15 orphan children. When we followed them they were in a very pathetic condition. They continuously cried for their lost parents. During mid nights they used to weep for their lost parents by raising their voice. Now they accustomed gradually mingling with us due to our brought up with love and affection with good nourishment twice a day besides providing clothes and sending them to school. We are also taking proper care about their health condition providing• Medical treatment and medicines. Adding to this we are purchasing their Text books and note books also. Now-a-days prices have gone up so high that a common man cannot reach them. In such a condition we are willable to feed the orphans and meet their needs properly. If we desert them their bright future, their precious lives will be ruined. In this regard, we approach you for your kind charity and generosity to wipe out the continual stream of tears on thief tender cheeks, and to fill their little bellies with a little food. If you could kindly find a sponsor to support them every month, we will be ever grateful to you. Please have a compassion on them.

    In a very needy condition, we look into you for your kind involvement. As we have shared with the orphan children about this letter to you, they have already started to pray that Our Heavenly Father may bring you their way. We very hopefully and prayerfully await your kind and favourable letter. All our co-workers, Church people and orphan children are sending their hearty greetings to you and to your family. I am waiting for your reply whole heartedly. I am expecting soon reply in this regard. Thanking you,
    yours together for the Lord’s work in India.
    Thank you

  65. ugochukwu ukaegbu says:

    be careful over what u say,learn to use ur mouth right,stop abusing God’s sent.life and death are in the power of the tongue.

  66. kalu says:

    may God have mercy on you and your family for you are persuading a ccurse. accusing the Man of God in such a way is Really from Devilic momentum .

  67. harold charles cloete says:

    Good day Pastor chris my name is harold charles cloete lived in africa,namibia please Pastor chris will you please help me with a sponsorship i have register a glass company and a cleaning company but dont have start up capital please help me Pastor Chris my mail address is mclovinhc@gmail.com

  68. Dabiri Chuku says:

    What a foolish story and insult to say men of God are competing about miracles. Who is behind such competition since they serve the same God and the aim is only to point people to Christ by ALL TRUE SERVANTS OF GOD. Is the writer saying that this work is a secular business where people compete? ABSOLUTE NONSENSE FABRICATION.

  69. Bathandile says:

    Funny how you compare these men of God…from your article one can tell that you are not a Christian; you would have known the difference. Without quoting verses, the Lord said there are different gifts…some are teachers, some evangelists, some prophets, etc. The ‘pushing out’ you are talking about is baseless because there have always been men of God who came and went with time, and helped people grow spiritually and otherwise concerning Christianity. Doing anything nowadays needs money…I wonder where the notion of calling the CHURCH a business came from. There are people out there (all over the world) who need every category of a man of God and would appreciate any of them. So don’t be instrumental in confusing people who can be saved by encountering any one of these men of God.

  70. Isaac says:

    For your information Brother/Sister/whoever you are. We dont work like that in the kingdom of GOD, we dont compete…..that language doesnt exist here. Maybe in your kingdom. These men of GOD are sent by the same GOD, they are not running their businesses, but the business of GOD.

  71. Uncle Musi says:

    I love Pastor Chris, I love Prophet angel, I love Prophet Bushiri and I love GOD, period!!!

  72. vincenzo says:

    i just dont knw what to tell the writer….., there’s no competition in the kingdom of God and if it is so our God wld be a God of disorder, but what i knw is our God is not a God of disorder. Im very srry for you.

  73. ANN says:

    Heyyy !!!! the later anointing will always be greater than the former , They are All Men of GOD . Allow them minister in the Grace given to them by the ALMIGHTY. God is no respecter of Man.

  74. ANN says:

    Heeyyyy , friends of GOD, GRACE upon GRACE . Have peace.THE GOD we serve is well able to sort it out.He searches the hearts of men. keep your salvation jealously. Lets only do our father’s business.Greater even greater men than thoes prophets are coming up until all sons of GOD manifest .

  75. Biggie says:

    if Jesus has said we will do more miracle than Him then if we believed and have faith so shall it be

  76. Dongo Lapasi says:

    Christianity MUST not be likened to supporting soccer teams in the English PL where supporters always believe that their team is better than the others despite its position in the league table. 1 Cor Ch 12 talks clearly about the different gifts of the Holy Spirit and the importance of each in making the fullness of the Kingdom of God on earth. He who operates in one particular gift is not necessarily more important than one that operates in seemingly less important gift. God gives liberally to whoever He chooses to give NOT because the beneficiaries/vessels of these gifts are more important the rest of the believers. If all believers were prophesying who would listen to the other. Pastor Chris, Prophets Angel and Bushiri are all anointed of God in their respective spiritual domains in accordance with God’s own plan. You do NOT choose to be a prophet of the Most High but rather He ordains you to work as one like He chose all the true Prophets of God that we know and those that we do not even know. Believers beware of the agents of the evil one, who passionately desire to sow seeds of confusion among brethren.

  77. Dongo Lapasi says:

    Christianity MUST not be likened to supporting soccer teams in the English PL where supporters always believe that their team is better than the others despite its position in the league table. 1 Cor Ch 12 talks clearly about the different gifts of the Holy Spirit and the importance of each in making the fullness of the Kingdom of God on earth. He who operates in one particular gift is not necessarily more important than one that operates in seemingly less important gift. God gives liberally to whoever He chooses to give NOT because the beneficiaries/vessels of these gifts are more important than the rest of the believers. If all believers were prophesying who would listen to the other. Pastor Chris, Prophets Angel and Bushiri are all anointed of God in their respective spiritual domains in accordance with God’s own plan. You do NOT choose to be a prophet of the Most High but rather He ordains you to work as one like He chose all the true Prophets of God that we know and those that we do not even know. Believers beware of the agents of the evil one, who passionately desire to sow seeds of confusion among brethren.

  78. bryan says:

    the writter of this article has done it totally under the influence of the devil, the devil does not recognize any good work the Lord is doing thru all the Man of God that are being raised in this generation because he knows that they have so much power to destroy him…so as a point of advise i think this man needs a total total total repentance from this terible sin that he is committing to the anointed ones, plus who is he to judge, if lets say they are fake (unfortunately they not) God is the Judge not a mare human being with a normal flow of blood who is writing out of his own observations and his selfish intentions without the inspiration of the Holy Gost, to Hell with him let him receive Jesus our true saviour, i was prophesied by Papa Eubert Angel and he told me exactly what i wanted to hear, the Man of God Pastor Christ has totally changed my life i am who i am because of the words he speaks to me so to hell with this worker of darkness who will never believe that God is raising Champions in this last day and to his own surprise i am one of them soon he will be writing about me too coz i am on fire for Jesus with miracles signs and wonders.
    my kind apology to the context of this reply i know i sound angry yes i am because this man is in darkness and he must either stay there or come and receive Jesus and be saved or else he will burn in eternal fire everlastingly

  79. I am a Christian………. people ask these questions thinking that this could be fake since no one in this world is performing miracles as they claim. I am also confused but to be honest…………I judge no one. What exactly is a miracle

  80. Chuks says:

    Miracle is God’s intervention in the affairs of human, and this does not happen unless God’s intervention is requested because as it is written, “…his works were finished from the foundation of the world” (Heb:4:3). Anybody that thinks miracles are not real most likely also doubt the authenticity of the bible because in the bible Jesus said that “He that believe on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do” …. (John 14:12).
    So if Jesus did miracles and he says we will do greater miracles, why then should we have doubt when we see miracles.

  81. Okpala Kingsley says:


  82. Good news says:

    Since when is preaching the Gospel business?

    Pastor Chris always says, He will be happy to see church in every street. He is certainly not in competition with any Ministry or Man of God and has taught us not to say anything negative about any Man of God.
    Every Man of God has his own calling…let them do it in peace and stop trying to create your own agenda.

  83. Apostle B. Mtsweni says:

    foolish stories in the internet, written by people who don’t understand God,, be born again and read the bible and pray, God will prove His character to you, do not just write be a learner, mybe Pastor Chris DVD & CD of teaching can help you.

  84. dt says:

    The bible says the things of the Spirit are fullishness to those who are perishing, in the ministry of Jesus Christ, there are is what God calls 5 fold ministry and these are Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. These are all ministerial gifts and they all make the body of Christ complete, these three man of God that the writer wrote have got different ministries but all are working in one field and to achieve a common goal which is to bring the lost to the Kingdom. So they are not in competiyion at all as this fool is depicting, im sorry to say that but Jesus talked tough sometimes. As the writter has put on it only shows who he belongs to, because if he belongs to the Kingdom and the word is ground in him, he would not have written this rubbish. Only those who belong to the devil are the ones who will support such an article.
    To the writter, may the Lord have mercy on you, God said touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. Are y ou not afraid to talk against God’s anointed, when God called them were you there, were you a witness, did God came to discuss with you that he is calling his own.If yes did you give God councel and advise. On what ground do you stand shouting on top of your voice utter noncence. If it was money that you were looking for in that article, it will turn into gravel right in your mouth. May you repent and be free from the curse you have brought on yourself.

  85. Odwa Mahlangeni says:

    For all those who think negative about God’s prophet I pity them.

  86. rahab says:

    May God reveal himself to the writer, may he do the honourable thing and apologise to God Almighty for such negativity and unfounded story.

  87. Cletus Elend says:

    But in all let God be God and every other man a lair !!!When a jealous Man didn’t know what to tell a handsom looking child?..he can only say!!!! Why not go got some water a take your bath?sorry ohh Mr news writer go get your self a better thing to do rather than mocking God bc the price for this your blasphemy is expensive 🇺🇸

  88. presh says:

    I love the responses here. God is at work in many. May God continue to flourish in us through his servant Pastor Chris, Prophet Uerbet Angel and Major 1 prophet Bushiri. God has poured out his spirit. I know Pastor Chris is also a Prophet because he is able to mention someone’s condition. So to me These Three Men of God are just fulfiling thier callings and not competing with one another. it is not them who perform miracles, it is through the Holy Spirit, Christ Jesus and Abba Father the king of kings.

  89. Turena Gash says:

    I am currently trying to find a way to Contact the Pastor Chris. The matter is of high importance ….. Can anyone please help with an email address or a way to contact the Pastor.

    My Email : gashturena@yahoo.com

  90. sithembile says:

    I need a money miracle please pray for me

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