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This is definitely not the best of times for troubled Nigerian air carrier, Med-View Airline, whose woes has been attributed to the high handedness of its Managing Director, Alhaji Muneer Bankole.


Med-View Airline has been facing numerous internal and external crises for sometimes now, and there are fears that the company may soon go into oblivion.


However, several efforts from concerned persons and stakeholders to rescue the company from the claws of crisis have proved abortive, no thanks to Bankole’s arrogant and stubborn nature. He has given deaf ears to all ideas and advises given to him by business associates  and friends on how the embattled airline outfit can scale the hurdle of its challenges.


A close associate of Bankole who spoke to this magazine on condition of anonymity, confessed that it is possible that he (Bankole) is under some spiritual spell of sort “because I can’t comprehend why a MD would rather want his investment to fold up than listen to advises from people around him.”


“Honestly, this has sadly been giving us a lot of sleepless nights and concerns, and we have been praying for him too,” our source added.


Med-View airline has been disappointing its passengers both within and outside Nigeria, with cancelled or delayed flights being the order of the day.


For instance, the airline eventually flew its London-bound passengers out of Lagos after delaying them for more than 24-hours.


The flight, which was originally scheduled to depart Murtala Muhammed International Airport at about 9 p.m on Tuesday (25 July) did not take off until 1:43 a.m the following day, with some of the affected passengers while others were left behind in Nigeria.


Med-View Airline had initially delayed flights between Lagos and London, preventing hundreds of travelers from reaching their destinations. The delays were caused by the airline’s failure to acquire a functional aircraft.


Its Boeing 747-200, which it deployed to the route last November, experienced technical difficulties, while its chartered aircraft, a Boeing 767, could not be certified for flight operations by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).


No fewer than 800 passengers were affected by the disruption of the airline’s flight services.


The airline, in a statement by its media consultant, Oyibotha Obuke, had blamed the NCAA for the airline’s struggles.


The European Commission also banned Med-View Airline from operating into its airspace over safety issues on one of its four aircrafts.


The Commission named Med-View airline among 180 others that failed safety test.

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